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Company profile

In terms of any particular interests of our customer the HeReT Consulting Ltd. quickly finds a solution and in practice will fulfill it’s motto

Help, Rescue, Training.

The company HeReT Consulting Ltd. was established three years ago and is successfully engaged in the provision of services and materials for army, police, rescue and fire brigades. The concept of the provision of services especially means design and delivery of training centres as well as the implementation of training.

During the last year, the company has designed two important projects of training centres, which have been received very positively by customers.

The company also performs consulting services in all aspects of army, police and special units activities. In this context, we note that one of the importatnt activity of the company is working out security analysis, especially for the Middle East and the North Africa. The output of each of these analyzes are safety recommendations, including the provision of security services.

Other importatnt service that company can arrange for customers is to propose and ensure the protection of people, buildings and industrial complexes, including significant authorities, pipelines and rafineries. It is also possible to design and help to ensure security of institutions such as prisons.

The concept of supply of special materials means supply all materials including weapons and ammunition for the army, police, rescue and fire brigades except materials, weapons and ammunition prohibited by European Union, more precisely by Czech authorities.

The company is based especially on knowledge and lifelong experience of the company founder – Mr. Vaclav Rocen, CEO. Mr. Vaclav Rocen has long experience in special anti-terrorist unit and has a legal background.

HeReT Consulting Ltd., as a provider of special services and goods, considers any action for any customer to be totally confidential and is always ready to sign and fully comply with NCND agreement.

This is the reason for the non specific references, but there is possible to state, that company currently solves several security and training projects in the Middle East and the North Africa.

The company is based especially on knowledge and lifelong experience of the company founder

- Václav Rocen, CEO


Fields of Expertise

HeReT Company
is legally
to advise
in following topics

Executive and V.I.P. Protection

Shooting Range

design, realisation, start up and maintenace, equipment

Firearms training

basic, advanced and specialized courses, weapon selection advisory

Arms Trade License

international and Domestic

Special training and courses   upon

request special training for armed forces, security agencies, etc

Armed Forces and Rescue   Training facility design


HeReT Company cooperates with professionals with extensive experience in following areas

- Former members of army and police specialized units with foreign mission experiences

- Former members of Rescue and ParaRescue units – flight specialists, climbing specialists, firemen, paramedics

- K-9 specialists

- EOD specialists

- Security analysts

- Instructors and Trainers of special physical education (martial arts and self-defense)


HeReT Consulting s.r.o.

Security advising & special equipment dealer

Praha 4, Údolní 1174/102, 14200

+420 731 800 172
+420 737 465 431